The Caravan Concept is a mobile caravan bar fully fitted out to provide everything necessary for your Wedding, Birthday and Event. We have 2 full-size bar fridges, a giant ice sink, a full stock of bar equipment and we use the freshest ingredients available!

Our Drinks & Service

What drinks can you serve?

We specialise in cocktails and have all the relevant equipment to be able to provide a maximum of 3 cocktails per event. The Caravan Concept is also fitted out to be able to provide a full range of draught beer, cider, wine, champagne and an assortment of soft drinks.

Do you do table service?

We generally try to steer away from table service, as we have found that coming to the caravan makes people more likely to mingle. In addition, it keeps the alcohol costs down as people don't get constantly topped up but are themselves in control of how much they drink. And we have no problem collecting empty glassware and clearing tables.

Can you help calculate how much alcohol we will need to purchase?

We understand that calculating alcohol for parties and events is quite a daunting task. We can help you find a few of online tools to help with this and we can also offer personal guidance from previous experience. Just remember that it's better to have too much instead of too little. We also have arrangements with local suppliers so we can set up a 'buy and return' policy in some cases.

Do you make cocktails?

Yes, we love cocktails and aim for a maximum of 3 types cocktails per event. We will shake, stir and garnish all night and we also have a long list of suggestions for you containing some of our favourites.

What kind of ingredients do you use?

We pride ourselves on using the freshest ingredients we can find! Some ingredients are even homegrown in our own garden.

Do you supply the alcohol?

We can source all alcohol and work closely with the suppliers to include alcohol in our package.

Can you pick up, store and chill alcohol?

We offer a sourcing package where, once all arrangements have been agreed upon (quantity, quality etc.), we can source and store all alcohol for you prior to the event. This is part of the all-inclusive package. Please enquire for costs.

Can you serve tea and coffee?

Yes, generally we have the option to provide coffee but prefer to focus on what we do best - cocktails! This does include the firm favourite though, the Espresso Martini (the perfect post meal pick me up to get the dancing going).

Can you provide music?

Whilst we do not provide music ourselves we can put you in contact with some of favourite local musicians. Take a look at our recommended vendors page for some ideas.

What do you provide?

We will arrive on site with the caravan, ice, ingredients and bar equipment as well as some small sets of decorations that you may decide to use. We are also happy to collaborate with your events planner and florist to make sure the caravan is exactly as you like.

Planning & Logistics

Where is The Caravan Concept based and how far will you travel?

Caravan concept is based out of Cannes, but we have no issue travelling around the South of France. Costs are incurred for larger distances.

Do I need to book in advance?

Yes, for wedding season and congress season in Cannes we are booking well in advance. Date cancellations are always a possibility, so always contact us if you have a date in mind.

How big is The Caravan Concept?

The caravan is approximately 2m wide and 5m long, including the table covering the toe hitch.

How much time is needed to setup and breakdown?

We generally aim to arrive 2 to 3 hours before the event to set up. Unless an all-inclusive package has been booked, we require all alcohol to be chilled when we arrived. We will then be putting the drinks on ice as fast as possible and preparing ingredients so everything is 100% cold, clean and prepped, ready to go by the time guests arrive.

Do you require power?

Yes, we do need access to power. However, if power is not available, we can organise an on-site generator on a 250m extension cable with an extra cost.

Can the caravan concept party in public space?

Parties in public space come down to the discretion of the local council. We can provide the service when partnered with local vendors as long as all relevant permits and permissions are obtained prior to the event.

Can you do themed events?

We certainly can and we love to fancy dress, it's a firm favorite!

Can you provide additional hours through the night?

Yes, and details on costs will be arranged and agreed on prior to each event.

Do you work with or could you recommend any caterers?

We regularly work with some of the best food trucks in the area and are happy to put you in contact with them. Take a look at our recommended vendors page for some ideas!

Policies, Insurance and finance

What is the payment and refund policy for the caravan?

To secure your booking we will require a 60% deposit to confirm your reservation.

A full refund will be provided for cancellations up to 2 months in advance of the event.

From 2 months in advance to 1 month in advance a 50% of the deposit will be refunded.

From 1 month in advance no refunds are provided.

Furthermore all remaining payment is due 2 week prior to the event.

Do you have public liability insurance?

Yes, we have all relevant insurances required for the caravan.

Do you have a policy for rain?

Living and working in the South of France we know that rainy days are few and far between. For that reason we do not have a policy to cover for rain and the host is responsible for coverage in the event of inclement weather.

We are happy to work with the vendor to find an appropriate tent. Please refer to our recommended vendors page for any ideas.

Our Staff

Are the bar staff trained?

All staff have previous experience working in bars and restaurants and also receive a briefing 2 days before each event to bring everyone up to speed and give them time to refresh any knowledge on specific cocktails.

Do you have bilingual staff?

Yes, most staff are fluent both in French and English.

How many staff are provided with the caravan?

We typically provide 3 staff for any event less than 80 people and more for events with larger number of guests. The caravan can easily accommodate 3 bar working staff and allowing any free extra staff to collect glasses, clear away rubbish, prepare ingredients, etc.

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