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How it all started...

From humble beginnings and a thirst for a decent Gin & Tonic to a fully equipped mobile bar service and caravan bar​.

Uprooting from Liverpool to start a new with the love of my life in Cannes, and being a huge fan of Gin; I found myself without a place to get a decent one.


All the while the 'Gin Boom' was sweeping the globe, with one exception; France, much to my dismay.


Cannes, to my eyes was an open market just waiting for the right person. This is where the thought of an events bar emerged and grew (one of my better thoughts whilst in the shower).


I started small with my bespoke, collapsible gin bar, constructed from pallets and copper piping designed for small intimate events and home parties or as a specialist satellite bar for parties and events.

With a selection of the very best Gins from around the world and a focus on 'The Perfect Serve', I initiated the 'Gin Boom' in Cannes.


Always aiming to be bring something special to your event, the idea evolved, One year later 'The Caravan Concept' was born!

Taking a 1970 vintage Cavalier Caravan I reached the unique design you see today. 


With the help of a great bunch of likeminded and supportive family and friends, the caravan slowly took shape. Using my previous bar and restaurant experience I was able to perfectly fit out the caravan, maximising the space available and incorporating the quirky features contained within it, whilst maintaining that classic, clean, 1970s look. We all simply love the  hammered copper ice sink made by  master craftsman in Argentina and custom-made oak worktops!


'The Caravan Concept' was born: Aiming to be the go-to mobile bar for all events and weddings and already enjoying success at local events, here we are!

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